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Nothing marks the holiday season like the glimmer and twinkle of homes in every neighborhood decked to the nines in glowing light displays and one man who keeps this magic close to his heart is Jeff Adamiak, the mind behind We Hang Holiday Lights, South Jersey’s premier holiday lighting installation company.

Creating dazzling displays for homes celebrating holidays from Christmas to Diwali to Hanukkah and more, Adamiak’s We Hang Holiday Lights has made a name for itself throughout the region since 2017.

Adamiak opened up about his years of experience crafting joyful displays for residences throughout Allentown, Belle Mead, Cherry Hill, Chesterfield, Crosswicks, Haddonfield, Hopewell, Marlton, Medford Lakes, Montgomery, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, Pennington, Princeton, Princeton Junction, Shamong, Skillman, Tabernacle, Voorhees, West Windsor, and the surrounding areas, sharing his passion for helping people celebrate the light and love of the holidays.

How does We Hang Holiday Lights onboard new clients?

It’s as easy as giving us a call or visiting our website. From there, visitors just answer a few qualifying questions, to make sure our team is a good fit for the project, then our experts get to work determining if the client’s vision is best designed virtually or if it’s better for us to visit the home in person for a private consultation with me.

Either way, I work with people on display options to fit the client’s budget, taking the time to discuss the terms of our service. We offer customizable LED SMD lighting that we cut specifically for each individual home—clients can then select agreements spanning three to five years.

Can you share more about the service agreements?

We use a lease agreement with our clients that amortizes, or spreads out, the cost of the material over the length of the agreement, meaning the longer the term, the less a client pays per year. It’s important to note that everything is included in the price and the price remains the same throughout the agreement.

How does We Hang Holiday Lights get started after the terms are agreed upon with the client?

The next step is where the magic begins. Each client’s display begins in our warehouse, where our crew custom-cuts lights to fit the unique attributes of the client’s home. With so many strands to cut and create, it can become a lot to keep track of; this is why our team labels and diagrams each strand of lights so that we can make sure the display remains consistent each year. We even use specially made clips to ensure the lights are perfectly straight and secure, all while ensuring there is no damage to the home. Our team goes a step further, taking full responsibility for the maintenance of the display throughout the season. That means, should any problems come up, the homeowner can simply call us and we’ll be out to make repairs either that same day or the following.

Does the team come out after the holiday season is over to help take down the display?

Absolutely. Our team starts what we call “takedowns” at the start of the new year and ensure all lights are down by the end of the month—weather permitting, of course.

Our team does more than just disassemble the displays. After all, without proper storage, we all know how challenging it can be to untangle holiday lights! That’s why we make sure to carefully label and box each piece of the display before storing the lights in our facility to wait for the next season. That way, when installations for returning customers begin in September for holidays such as Diwali, the process goes as smoothly as possible.

We Hang Holiday Lights gets as many rooflines installed by the end of October as possible before the frost to be as safe as possible for my crews. That way, you will have your lights installed and ready to go for the holidays—all you have to do is plug the lights in whenever you’re ready.

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